West Side Park Community Healthcare Center


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Table of Contents

West Side Park Community Healthcare Center

University/Community Relationship

A Health Center in West Side Park?

Research Agenda I

Research Agenda II

Research Actions


The Healthcare Story: Getting into and beyond the numbers

Barriers to Healthcare Ė Why supply falls short

(In)adequate Supply?

Health Services - Supply (3-mile target area)

Why the Numbers Donít Always Add Up

Essex County and Newark: Not a Pretty Health Picture

Prenatal Care Crisis

Poverty and Race in West Side Park

Race/Ethnic Health Profile

What the Community Asks For

Health Center Models

Hospital Partnership: Benefits

Hospital Partnership: Costs

Nurse Practitioner Model: Benefits

Nurse Practitioner Model: Costs

FQHC Satellite: Benefits

FQHC Satellite: Costs

Stand-Alone Model: Benefits

Stand-Alone Model: Costs

The Bottom Line in Health Insurance Reimbursement

Policy Intersects with Practice

Several Issues Significantly Impact Reimbursement

About the Building

Building Occupants

Health Care Facility

Design Issues

Next Steps

Next Steps

Community Healthcare Center

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