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Research Strategy

The Wanted: Solutions for America (Wanted) project represents an innovative approach to documenting the accomplishments of community-based programs and disseminating the record of their best practices to other neighborhood groups, both within the Pew constellation and to others nationally. What sets Wanted apart from other programs is its attention to the process of community building and its focus on strengthening relationships between community development organizations and other local institutions, especially local universities and researchers.

To facilitate the flow of information for the Wanted project, CUPR uses a hub-and-spoke research model to monitor and assist the work of 19 local researchers at the 19 sites selected by the Pew Partnership for this initiative. To help ensure success-in effect, to weld the hub and spokes-CUPR is establishing a close working partnership with the local researchers and building a community of scholars around this project.

The Wanted approach calls for research methods that can capture the richness and complexity of the community-building process. Successful Wanted programs strengthen relationships with local institutions and use creative approaches to overcome obstacles. Consequently, a range of quantitative and qualitative techniques are necessary to accurately document the process of program formation, the manner in which obstacles are overcome, and the institutional relationships that are forged.

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