Nancy Wolff

Nancy Wolff, Ph.D.
Professor and Director, Center for Mental Health Services and Criminal Justice Research
B.A., Iowa State University; Ph.D., Iowa State University


Contact Information

Room 245, Civic Square Building

(848) 932-2944

Fax (732) 932-1233



Research Interests

  • Health economics
  • Public finance
  • Criminal justice



  • Health Economics
  • Public Policy Practicum


Publications and Activities

Chapters in Books or Monographs

  • 2013: Wolff, N., Domestic violence courts: The case of Lady Justice meets the Serpents of the Caduceus: Has the lady’s reach yielded promise or peril? In Weiner, R., & Brank, E. (Ed.) Problem Solving Courts, Springer, 2013.
  • 2010: Wolff, N., Shi, J. Trauma and incarcerated person. In Scott, D (Ed.) The Handbook of Correctional Mental Health,2010, 277-320.

Articles in Refereed Journals

  • 2014: Wolff, N., Huening, J., Shi, J., & Frueh, B. C. (2014) Trauma exposure and posttraumatic stress disorder among incarcerated men. Journal of Urban Health, 2014, 91(4), 707-719.
  • 2014: Crisanti, A. S., Frueh, B. C., Archambeau, O., & Wolff, N. Prevalence and correlates of criminal victimization among new admissions to outpatient mental health services in Hawaii. Community Mental Health Journal, 2014, 50(3), 296-304.
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  • 2014: Wolff, N., Epperson, M., Shi, J., Huening, J., Schumann, B., Rubinson, I. Mental health specialized probation caseloads: Are they effective? International Journal of Law and Psychiatry, 2014, 37(5), 461-472.
  • 2014: Epperson, M., Wolff, N., Morgan, R., Fisher, W., Frueh, B.C., Huening, J., Envisioning the next generation of behavioral health and criminal justice interventions, International Journal of Law and Psychiatry, 2014, 37(5), 427-438.
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Other Publications

  • 2013: Wolff, N. Halfway from Prison to the Community: From Current Practice to Best Practice, February, 2013
  • 2011: Epperson, M., Wolff, N., Morgan, R., Fisher, W., Frueh, B.C., & Huening, J. The Next Generation of Behavioral Health and Criminal Justice Interventions: Improving Outcomes by Improving Interventions, September 2011.
  • 2010: Wolff, N., & Shi, J. Reentry Readiness of Men and Women Leaving New Jersey Prisons, report submitted to the New Jersey Department of Corrections, January 2010.



Nancy Wolff, Ph.D., an economist and professor, joined the Bloustein faculty in 1992. Her research has increasingly focused on public policies and justice practices that influence the incarceration and rehabilitation of justice-involved people. In 1999, she was awarded an Atlantic Public Policy Fellowship to study the management of mentally disordered offenders in the United Kingdom, and in 2002 she received funding from the National Institute on Mental Health (NIMH) to launch a national center on behavioral health services and criminal justice research. The Center advances research that seeks to improve the welfare of people with mental illness in ways that minimize the disruption of treatment and maximize their potential to lead productive and rewarding lives. Most recently, her research has explored the prevalence of trauma among incarcerated men and women and the effectiveness of computerized-screening and treatment for post-traumatic stress disorder and addiction problems among incarcerated men and women. She is the author of over 100 peer-reviewed articles and chapters, and has received funding from the NIMH, National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA), the National Institute of Justice, as well as private foundations. She is the former editor of Journal of Offender Rehabilitation and associate editor ofI, and is currently an associate editor of the American Journal of Orthopsychiatry.


In 2007, she implemented two peer-run Community Centers at the women’s prison that provide assistance to over 200 women each month. Dr. Wolff spends three days a week in New Jersey and Pennsylvania prisons teaching, working with residents, and leading yoga, aerobics, and mindfulness programs. She is the founder of Books Behind Bars, a prison-based literacy program, for which she received a Russell Berrie Award for Making a Difference in 2008. Based on her work inside prisons, she was a semi-finalist for the Everyday Hero Award sponsored by the American Federation Teachers in 2012.

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