Faculty Highlights


Clint Andrews, James DeFilippis Promoted

Clinton J. Andrews
Clinton Andrews

Clinton Andrews will be promoted to professor, and James DeFilippis to associate professor with tenure effective July 1after gaining formal approval from the Rutgers Board of Governors. The director of the urban planning program, Andrews joined the Bloustein School in 2003. He is a member of the American Institute of Certified Planners, a LEED Accredited Professional, and a licensed Professional Engineer. Educated at Brown and MIT as an engineer and planner, his expertise is in the substance and processes of energy and environmental planning and policy. Andrews worked previously in the private sector on energy issues, helping to launch an energy policy project at MIT, and helping to found a science policy program at Princeton.


DeFilippis joined the Bloustein School in 2007 and focuses on urban political economy and political philosophy. As a policy analyst, DeFilippis has worked extensively with a variety of organizations ranging from community development credit unions to Alinsky-inspired groups to broad-based housing coalitions. He earned his Masters and PhD at Rutgers and his BA from the University of Vermont.


Dona Schneider Appointed Associate Dean for Academic Programs

Dona Schneider
Dona Schneider

Professor Dona Schneider was appointed Associate Dean for Academic Programs, responsible for such functions as student financial support, faculty support, on-line and continuing education, and instructional technology. In addition, she works with Dean Hughes, the other two associate deans, and the program directors as part of a leadership team on school-wide issues critical for the Bloustein School’s development, academic programs, and capital campaign.


The associate dean position was vacant for nearly two years – during the illness of Donald Krueckeberg, and then after his passing. Don had served with distinction for six years as Associate Dean for Masters and Professional Programs. During the vacancy, Associate Dean of the Faculty Michael Greenberg took on the position responsibilities.


Dean Hughes cited Professor Schneider's “distinguished scholarly research, and teaching accomplishments, her effective leadership skills—especially of the Undergraduate Programs where she greatly increased tuition income and improved the school's financial position—her extensive experience serving on many university-wide committees, and her long-term commitment to advancing the school.”


In April, the Rutgers University Libraries included a 2008 book edited by Professor Schneider and David Lilienfeld, Public Health: The Development of a Discipline (Volume 1), during its Celebration of Recently Published Faculty Authors.


EJB Spotlights Faculty Research through New Website Feature, Weekly Colloquium Series

Stephanie Curenton
Stephanie Curenton

To increase awareness of the research work undertaken by Bloustein School faculty, two initiatives inspired by faculty members were launched during the current school year. Each month, the school's website highlights the research work of an individual faculty member, and thus far has featured Associate Professor Jocelyn Crowley, Assistant Professor Stuart Shpairo, Assistant Professor Kathe Newman, Professor Mike Greenberg, Assistant Professor Stephanie Curenton and Assistant Professor Julia Sass Rubin. See our Faculty Highlights page to read the interviews.


In addition, a weekly colloquium series was started on Thursdays when Bloustein and visitng faculty members deliever presentations on their research work. The two initiatives were developed by associate professors Clint Andrews, Jocelyn Crowley and Lyna Wiggins.


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Jane Miller Becomes Co-Director of Project L/EARN

Professor Jane Miller has become Faculty Director and a co-director of Project L/EARN, a graduate education program funded by The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation. Project L/EARN is designed to increase the number of students from underrepresented groups in the fields of health, mental health, and health policy research. The program is associated with Institute for Health, Health Care Policy and Aging Research where Miller serves as a research professor.


Kathe Newman Addresses NJ Legislature, Brown University on Urban Housing

Kathe Newman
Kathe Newman

Assistant Professor Kathe Newman's ongoing research into urban gentrification and the nation's mortgage foreclosure crisis resulted in two outside speaking invitations. Last fall, Newman was asked to testify before a joint hearing of the New Jersey Assembly's Financial Institutions and Insurance, and Housing and Local Government committees on "Foreclosures in New Jersey." Several weeks later, she delivered an invited talk at Brown University's 9th Annual Thomas J. Anton/Frederick Lippitt Conference, which addressed urban gentrification. Her presentation was “Liquidity Crisis: Capital Flows and Urban Change.”