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New Employees


As a new employee at the Edward J. Bloustein School, it is important that you obtain the accounts you need as early as possible. Specifically, you will need an account on the Windows domain used throughout the organization as well as an email account and a NetID. You will also need to be added to various email distribution lists and you may have other requirements depending on the department you are working for. The following information is intended to help guide you through the process of getting the accounts and access you need.


  1. Local Network Account: In order to login to the network here it is required that you obtain an account on the Planning domain. This account allows you to login to the network and to access common shared folders, as well as your home directory. Please note that you should save all files to your home directory (U: drive), as your computer itself is not backed up. To obtain an account, please use this Account Request Form .

  2. Email: The primary email system used at EJB is RUMail. If you would like to have an RUMail account created, please contact us to get this setup. If a new employee has a NetID prior to requesting the account, it should be provided. If they have yet to receive one, we can setup an EJB account in advance of them getting their NetID from HR. However, we will need the NetID username once it is provided so that we can link the account we created independently. It should be noted that there are other options for email at Rutgers. For example, many of the faculty use RCI accounts and the Google docs implementation at RU, which is known as Scarletmail, is also used.

  3. NetID: The process for obtaining a NetID has changed over the past few years. Currently, new students and employees are assigned a NetID as part of the onboarding process for new employees at Rutgers. They then receive an email from HR once they have been added to the Rutgers HR system with information about their NetID and a link for activation. The NetID account is used to authenticate to almost every system at the university and is extremely important.

  4. Bloustein Email Lists: There are quite a few mailing lists used within the organization and you should inquire with your center or office as to what mailing lists you should be on. Once you know which lists you should be on, please contact us and provide us with your new Rutgers email address so that we can update the lists accordingly. Some of the main lists include: allfaculty, allstaff, allstudents and grants. View Lists

  5. Special Needs: If you have any special needs in terms of system access or software programs you will need to do your job, please let us know as early in advance as possible.