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Word 2007 Workshop

Overview (from Microsoft site)

The goal of the Office Fluent user interface is to make it easier for people to use Microsoft Office applications to deliver better results faster. We’ve made it easier to find powerful features by replacing menus and toolbars with a Ribbon that organizes and presents capabilities in a way that corresponds more directly to how people work. The streamlined screen layout and dynamic results-oriented Galleries enable users to spend more time focused on their work and less time trying to get the application to do what they want it to do. As a result, with the Office Fluent user interface, people will find it much easier and quicker to produce great looking documents, high-impact presentations, effective spreadsheets, and powerful desktop database applications.


Microsoft Samples

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Overview Movie:

Word 2007 Courses:


Word 2007 Workshop Handout


Word 2003 to Word 2007 Menu Guide


Exercise Documents

Sample Document with Headings

Sample Report

Sample Report Changes