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Rosters and Grades

Rosters can be accessed online through the Registrar's Office or Sakai. You can also submit grades through either. If you are having trouble accessing your rosters, please contact Claire Padovano


Center of Online & Hybrid Learning

The focus of the Center for Online & Hybrid Learning and Instructional Technologies is to foster an active community of practice among faculty and staff who teach and develop online and hybrid courses, along with those who use instructional technologies to enrich the face-to-face learning environment. Our goal is to create an open environment for sharing what’s working well and what areas we can improve in online learning, and to introduce new innovations in this rapidly evolving field.


Office of Instructional and Research Technology (OIRT)

The Office of Instructional and Research Technology (OIRT) provides coordination for use of Information Technology throughout the University in support of instruction and research. As part of the Office of Information Technology, OIRT can meet with departments to review research and instructional IT services at Rutgers.


Center for Teaching Advancement and Assessment Research (CTAAR)

The mission of CTAAR is fourfold:

  1. Provide resources and information on the improvement of teaching.
  2. Provide resources and assistance in the use and development of teaching assessment methods.
  3. Provide resources and assistance in the use and development of learning outcome assessment.
  4. Conduct research on new methods of teaching, learning and assessment practices and disseminate the results throughout the University, the State and the nation.


Rutgers Library Toolbar

The Rutgers University Libraries Toolbar is a web browser extension or add-on that both places a toolbar in your browser, and provides visual cues in certain popular web pages to link directly to Rutgers Libraries’ resources. It also adds additional functionality to the “right-click menu” of your mouse.