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Lecture/Event Recording (Podcasting)

If you would like to record your live lecture, please contact Tamara Swedberg, Instructional Technology Specialist. For examples, see the Bloustein podcast page. Rutgers University also hosts an iTunes U site where you can post lectures privately or publicly.


Pre-recording Lectures

  • Camtasia is software you can use to make pre-recorded lectures. We have a Recording Room in the 5th Floor Lab where you can record your lecture with high tech equipment in a distraction-free environment. There are two main ways to use Camtasia:

    • Record over a PowerPoint. With your PowerPoint open, simply lecture as you would normally. You can choose to just show the slides, or use Picture-in-picture, which records you as you speak. Example
    • Record the screen as you demonstrate a process. Camtasia records your voice as you demonstrate on the screen how to navigate software or the internet. Example

  • Jing is free software that allows you to record up to five minutes of video and upload it for free to the Screencast server. You can also use it to capture a snapshot of your screen. Jing is great for making quick video tutorials. Example


Online Video Conferencing

  • Adobe Connect Pro is professional web conferencing software free for us to use through DCEO. Connect Pro offeres whiteboard sharing, desktop sharing, video, audio, chat windows, polls and much more. You can record a conference for others to watch later.
  • Elluminate can be used in conjunction with eCollege. Click on the Live button, then ClassLive to start a session.
  • Skype is a free application that allows you to make video calls online. You can call non-skype users for a fee.


Converting VHS to DVD

  • If you have old VHS tapes that you would like to convert to DVD, drop them off with Tamara Swedberg, Instructional Technology Specialist. The quality is the same as the original but can be played with a computer's DVD player.