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VoIP Phones



Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) phones were installed in November of 2011 in the Bloustein School. The Aastra phones that have been deployed include advanced features which are documented in more detail on this page.


All VoIP phones use the 848 area code. All phones have a direct number instead of using extensions.


Dialing Basics


To call a person in your building or on campus:


932 numbers: 2 + last 4 digits

445 numbers 5 + last 4 digits


To call a person off campus




Voice Mail


Check voice mail from outside office:

  • Call your number
  • When voice mail picks up, hit the * key
  • Follow prompts


Forgotten voice mail password:

  • Go to
  • Enter your netid and password then click “Login”
  • In Step 1, select, “I need to report a problem”.
  • In step 2, enter your phone number
  • In step 3, select the checkbox for “Contact number is same as request number”
  • In Request Details, select your phone type, which will be a 6755i
  • In Problem type select the first checkbox:  “I can’t receive my voicemail – please reset my password”
  • Click “Submit Request”

**You will then receive a ticket number and you should receive an email within 1 business day providing you with a temporary password so that you can reset it.

Videos - Office Phones


Update number in the directory What is my phone number on campus dialing
off campus dialing using the directory busy lamp fields
speed dial missed calls voice mail setup
voice mail retrieval Voice Mail Check from Home Voice Mail Change Name
Voice Mail Busy Greeting Voice Mail No Answer Greeting voice mail transfer
transfer current call call forward
call forward disable call pull call pickup
parked calls ring tones display options
conference calls    

Videos by Tamara Swedberg. Hand model, Claire Padovano


Videos - Polycom Conference Room Phones


Making a Call Answering a Call Conference Call
Conference Call Hold Conference Call Split Conference Call End
Mute Phone Download User Guide for Polycom Phones  

Videos by Tamara Swedberg. Hand model, Claire Padovano


More Information


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