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Gebhart awarded first place in APA-TPD Student Paper Competition

The American Planning Association’s Transportation Planning Division has announced that Bloustein Master of City and Regional Planning degree candidate Kyle Gebhart won first place among 13 entries in the 2012 APA TPD Student Paper Competition. Kyle’s paper, titled “Wasteful Parking Supply in East Harlem (An Analysis of Parking Occupancy and Mode Usage at East River Plaza in New York City),” was chosen by the review committee for its clarity, strong research, and timeliness.

In the awards announcement, the committee noted it was “quite impressed with the original research and field work done for this paper.” Among the reviewers comments: “An excellent case study;” “good research;” “Well-organized paper that succinctly identified the flaws in AKRF's approach.  Graphics used were understandable and legible;” and “Good use of statistical research, a timely and current issue and likely to become even more of an issues as housing attempts to divest itself of parking costs and treat them differently in order to qualify loans for lower income residents. Good diagrams, use of photos was illustrative instead of filler.”

The paper examines the 1,248 space parking garage constructed as part of the East River Plaza mall in East Harlem, Manhattan. Parking accommodations for this mall were calculated by using parking studies on similar box store-style shopping areas in Staten Island, Bronx, Queens, and Port Chester, NY.  Kyle’s research evaluates the assumptions and methodology used to determine the large parking supply and also measured current parking usage, finding that the parking supplied has resulted in an underutilized land use and therefore a waste of public funds and a lost opportunity for additional development.

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Professor Bob Noland served as Kyle’s advisor.

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