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Bloustein School, NIEER to present Foundation for Child Development discussion series

FCD discussion series The Bloustein School and the National Institute for Early Education Research at Rutgers University are co-sponsoring an interdisciplinary discussion series of early education policy issues funded by the Foundation for Child Development. The series, “The Role of Pre-K–3rd Systems Development in Education Reform: Unpacking the Black Boxes of Human and Social Capital,” explores the role families, educational institutions, and communities play in fostering social capital to improve education outcomes for socioeconomically disadvantaged children.

On October 18, Dr. Greg Duncan, Distinguished Professor in the Department of Education, University of California Irvine will discuss “The Importance of Kindergarten-Entry Academic Skills.” Recent research shows that future school achievement is much less a function of a child’s school-entry social and emotional development than concrete literacy and numeracy skills. In his lecture Dr. Duncan will explore the shift from these environmental influences to the comparative importance of the skills and behaviors developed during childhood.

The final discussion in the fall series will be on November 15. Dr. Robert Pianta, Dean of the Curry School of Education at the University of Virginia, will present “Improving Impacts of Classrooms: Professional Development and Classroom Observation.” Dean Pianta will discuss the Classroom Assessment Scoring System (CLASS) observational measure system he and his research team developed to assess and improve  teachers’ effectiveness in the classroom. He will explain how improving teaching quality leads to improved student learning.

The series featured Dr. Donald J. Hernandez, Professor of Sociology at Hunter College and the Graduate Center, City University of New York, on September 20. He presented "The Link Between Third Grade Reading Skills and High School Graduation Rates,” where he presented evidence on calculations of high school graduation rates based on children’s third-grade reading levels and poverty experiences, identified specific groups of children who are especially likely to experience low reading skills, and explored implications for education reform.

All discussions begin at 3:00 p.m. at the Special Events Forum, Civic Square Building, 33 Livingston Avenue, New Brunswick, N.J. The lectures are free and open to the public, but RSVP is required. Please email prior to the day of the event. For directions to the event please visit our website.

The Foundation for Child Development (FCD) is a national, private philanthropy dedicated to the principle that all families should have the social and material resources to raise their children to be healthy, educated and productive members of their communities.

The Bloustein School, established and approved by the Rutgers University Board of Governors in 1992, serves as one of the nation’s key centers for the theory and practice of planning and public policy scholarship and analysis. With its urban planning program ranked third nationally, and its public policy program recently accredited, the Bloustein School is committed to a rebirth of the public service ethic in the United States.

The National Institute for Early Education Research (NIEER) conducts and communicates research to support high quality, effective, early childhood education for all young children. Such education enhances their physical, cognitive, and social development, and subsequent success in school and later life. The Institute offers independent research-based advice and technical assistance to policy makers, journalists, researchers, and educators.



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