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Bloustein School to present faculty research discussions as part of 20th anniversary year celebration

Stephanie CurentonAs part of the year-long celebration of the 20th anniversary, the Bloustein School will be hosting several faculty research presentations as well as the annual Bloustein PhD Colloquium Speaker Series. The faculty research presentations will highlight the research of several members of the Bloustein faculty, while the PhD Colloquium speaker series features Bloustein PhD alumni who have gone on to teach in faculty positions at the collegiate level and have come back to share their expertise. In addition, the school will feature several alumni panel discussion events each semester on various topics.

On October 27 assistant professor Stephanie Curenton will discuss how early education policies promote school readiness in Introducing the Ecology of School Readiness: From Preschoolers’ Stories to their Pre-K Attendance. She will examine research examples that span the multiple ecological levels in which children learn, starting first with research on parent-child story interactions, and then move into a discussion on early childhood educator workforce issues including the design of a professional development training designed to enhance teachers' classroom conversations. The final research segment will talk about how participation in early education programs impacts children's 5th grade literacy skills.

The event will begin at 4:00 p.m. in room 369 of the Civic Square Building. All faculty, staff, students, and alumni are invited to attend.

Other faculty presentations planned for later this semester include associate research professor Stuart Meck on his work drafting a new zoning and subdivision code for the U.S. Virgin Islands and associate professor Julia Rubin on development venture capital.

The Bloustein PhD Colloquium Speaker Series will begin on Monday, November 7 with Thomas Angotti, a professor in the Hunter College Department of Urban Affairs and Planning speaking on Cities and Global Climate Change in the 21st Century: Enclaves and Urban Orientalism. From 1995 to 2001 he was Professor and Chair of the Graduate Center for Planning and the Environment at Pratt Institute in Brooklyn, New York. He is the author of New York for Sale: Community Planning Confronts Global Real Estate, Metropolis 2000: Planning, Poverty and Politics, Housing in Italy, and many articles in professional journals. He has worked and written extensively on urban planning and community development in the United States, Latin America and Europe. He is a Fellow at the American Academy in Rome, co-editor of Progressive Planning Magazine, and participating editor for Latin American Perspectives and Local Environment. He was previously a city planner with the NYC Department of City Planning, and worked for state government in New Jersey and Massachusetts. He has taught at the graduate level at SUNY, Columbia University, Harvard, and University of California at Berkeley.

On October 19, Bloustein alumni will present a panel discussion on Land Use Planning - Is New Jersey Still Ahead of the Curve? Panelists, including Bloustein School alumni from diverse areas of land use planning and preservation, will offer their perspective on open space preservation; and reflections into good land use planning practice adoption in New Jersey and nationally. Their insights of the past, present and future consider how these challenges and opportunities may impact the field and how current students might prepare for the future. Panelists include Barbara Davis of The Land Conservancy; Kamal Saleh '89, Union County Department of Parks & Community Renewal; Bob Bzik MCRP '74, Somerset County Planning Director; and Martin Bierbaum MCRP '80, former Director of the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection.

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Upcoming Faculty Research Discussions and Alumni Panels (Fall 2011)

Wed. 10/19  6:00 pm         Alumni panel discussion: Land Use Planning - Is New Jersey Still Ahead of the Curve?           

Thur. 10/27  4:00 pm         Faculty research presentation:  Stephanie Curenton, Introducing the Ecology of School Readiness: From Preschoolers’ Stories to their Pre-K Attendance      

Mon. 11/7    4:00  pm        Ph.D. colloquium: Thomas Angotti, Hunter College, Cities and Global Climate Change in the 21st Century: Enclaves and Urban Orientalism

Tues. 11/15  6:00 pm         Alumni panel discussion (community development)

Mon. 11/21  4:00 pm         Faculty research presentation: Stuart Meck, Saving Paradise:  Drafting a New Zoning and Subdivision Code for the U.S. Virgin Islands           

Tues. 12/6    6:00 pm         Alumni panel discussion (evaluation/research/survey)

Thur. 12/8    4:00 pm         Faculty research presentation: Julia Rubin, Is Impact Investing Hype or Hope? The Case of Developmental Venture Capital

Mon. 12/12  4:00 pm         Ph.D. colloquium: Philip Ashton, University of Illinois at Chicago Circle 



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