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Rutgers Regional Report examines employment performance of the 50 states during Great Recession and Recovery

In the latest Rutgers Regional Report, “Employment Recession and Recovery in the 50 States,” Joseph J. Seneca, university professor and economist at the Bloustein School and Will Irving, research associate, provide an account of record of the private–sector employment performance of the 50 states during the Great Recession and the ensuing recovery. The analysis reveals how the severity of the job losses varied significantly across the 50 states during the recession and also how variable the job recovery has been among the states.

Professor Seneca noted, “With the recent significant slowdown in national and global economic activity juxtaposed on the severe state job losses during the recession and the tepid and variable job recovery since, the need for forceful and effective policy efforts to prevent a second recession could not be more compelling.”

Some of the report’s findings include:

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