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UPDATE: 10/21/14

Please note: For applicants applying for Fall 2015 graduate degree admission to the urban planning, public policy or Ph.D. programs, applications are held until after the January 15th deadline for students with interest in merit-based scholarships, fellowships and assistantships. Applications will begin to be reviewed at the end of January, completing review in most cases by mid March. Most admissions and funding decisions will be made in March and April, with a completion of most activity by May. All admission and funding decision notifications will be made by email and decisions posted online via the status page.


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Thursday, April 2, 2015 - Rutgers Bloustein School Admitted Student Open House. More info to come.


All admissions decisions are informed judgments based on the applicant's previous academic performance, standardized test scores, experience and achievement, recommendations, and other relevant data.


The number of students who can be accommodated in some programs is limited. Applications are reviewed by the department faculty and either members of the undergraduate, master's or the doctoral admissions committee, as applicable.


Because admission requirements vary among the programs, applicants should carefully review the information and instructions provided in the application form, and consult with the individual program.


Urban Planning and Policy Development Master's
Public Policy Master's
and Doctoral Programs

You may apply to the Bloustein School graduate programs online through the Office of Graduate and Professional Admissions.

A complete application consists of the application online form, the application fee, official transcripts of previous academic work, a personal statement, three (3) letters of recommendation, resume, and official test scores. Doctoral applicants are also required to provide a sample of writing. Detailed procedures and instructions accompany the application forms. Applications should be filed as early as possible to meet the deadlines listed in the application materials.

All documents should be submitted electronically via the online application or as in the case for resume and sample of writing, via admissions upload site, with exception of the official transcripts. Transcripts should be submitted via USPS to the address below:

Office of Graduate and Professional Admissions
Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey
56 College Avenue
New Brunswick, New Jersey 08901
Phone: 848-932-7711
Fax: 732-932-8231

Documents that need to be mailed to the admissions office, must arrive at or before posted deadlines.



Urban Planning and Policy Development Master's Program Applicants (MCRP and MCRS)

If you are applying to these programs and are also seeking merit-based financial aid (assistantships, fellowships, and scholarships), then the deadline for your application is January 15th. If you are not seeking this funding, the deadline is May 1st. This program also offer spring term (mid-year) admission, with a November 1st application deadline, however, limited merit-based funding opportunities are available.


Public Policy Master's Program Applicants (MPP and MPAP)

If you are applying to these programs and are also seeking merit-based financial aid (assistantships, fellowships, and scholarships), then the deadline for your application is January 15th. If you are not seeking this funding, the deadline is May 1st. This program does not offer spring term admission.


Planning and Public Policy Doctoral Program Applicants (PhD)

If you are applying to this program then the deadline for your application is January 15th. Merit-based financial aid (assistantships, fellowships and scholarships) are considered for all candidates that meet this deadline. This program does not offer spring term admission.


Special Note for International Applicants

International students who apply to either the Urban Planning and Policy Development program or to the Public Policy program from abroad must submit completed application materials by November 1st for spring-term admission and by April 1st for fall-term admission. All applicants seeking merit based fellowships, assistantships and scholarships MUST apply by January 15th for fall term admission. No aid is available for spring term admission. Programs may, at their discretion, close admission prior to stated deadlines or extend deadline dates if sufficient time exists to render decisions. Applicants are encouraged to apply as early as possible.



The Edward J. Bloustein School of Planning and Public Policy requires applicants for matriculated status to submit results of the Graduate Record Examination (GRE). GRE information and application forms may be obtained by calling (609) 771-7670 or by writing to:


Graduate Record Examinations Programs
Educational Testing Service
P.O. Box 955
Princeton , NJ 08541-0955


The Educational Testing Service requires at least six weeks to process and report formal and final GRE scores.


Foreign Applicants

The Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) is required if English is not the applicant's native language. For further information, write to:


TOEFL, Educational Testing Service
P.O Box 955
Princeton , New Jersey 08541-0955


Satisfactory English proficiency is a prerequisite for graduate study at the university. Applicants failing to meet minimum standards for English proficiency may be required to take a test upon arrival at the university and to take course work in English as a second language. Nonimmigrant students are also expected to present evidence of adequate financial resources.


The university may deny admission to nonimmigrant students lacking satisfactory English proficiency or adequate financial resources.


Nonmatriculated (Nondegree) Students

The Bloustein School welcomes students to take classes on a nondegree basis, providing there is space available. Applicants should choose nondegree study on their application from the Office of Graduate and Professional Admissions. Applicants who are accepted as nondegree students are permitted to register for an unlimited number of courses with the approval of the appropriate department chairperson. Such courses carry full credit at the university; however, a maximum of 12 credits will be accepted by the school toward a degree should the student later be admitted to a degree program. Nondegree students who wish to enter a degree program in the Bloustein School must file an application and fee for admission with the Office of Graduate and Professional Admissions online. Admission to nondegree status neither predisposes nor guarantees later admission to a degree program.


Notification of Decisions

Applicant review at the Bloustein School does not begin until after the posted deadline. Applications received before the deadlines are held until review begins. Applicants will receive written (email) notification of admissions decisions from the Office of Graduate and Professional Admissions and the Dean of the Bloustein School, once all application and supporting documentation has been received and approved by the program admission committee and program director. Admission will be confirmed on a certificate of admission (post mail), which may list certain conditions. Such conditions should be satisfied prior to registration unless otherwise indicated. All deadlines must be met.


Students who fail to register for the term to which they were admitted should contact the school office (848-932-2727) for further instructions.


Graduate Program in Public Health

The Graduate Program in Public Health, jointly awarding the following degrees with the Bloustein School - Master of Public Health, Doctor of Public Health and Doctor of Philosophy in Public Health - is administered through the Rutgers School of Public Health. For more information on the program, contact the admissions office at (732) 235-4646. Click here to visit the Rutgers School of Public Health Website.

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