College Avenue Campus
Planning Reports

Following are reports and presentations that were developed during the course of two Bloustein School Studio Classes that focused on the College Avenue Campus:


Rutgers Vision 2000
Final report of the Fall 1998 studio class entitled: Visioning the Rutgers-New Brunswick Campus of the 21st Century. Each chapter is in its own PDF file.
Chapter 1  Introduction
Chapter 2  Focus Groups
Chapter 3  Design
Chapter 4  Transportation
Chapter 5  Technology
Chapter 6  Other Universities
Chapter 7  Conclusion
Appendix   Focus Groups

Design Vocabulary
Recommended Design Standards for the College Avenue Campus: 20 recommended features which are inter-related and must be consistent and mandatory and applied to every new or rehabilitated building, walkway, sidewalk lighting fixture and planting.

Master Development Plan:
Incomplete final plan based on the results of the research, survey, and design preferences.

Visual Preference Survey
Results of the Visual Preference Survey – includes complete catalog of images used in the survey with the results. Individuals graded images from –10 (negative) to +10 (positive).

General Report
Incomplete report that includes property value data for properties in the College Avenue Campus area.

R - CAC.21 Planning Analysis: Envisioning the College Avenue Campus
Analysis and preliminary recommendations developed by the Bloustein School's 1999-2000 Urban Design Studio.