BSAA Alumni Groups

Alumni Affinity and Regional Group Guidelines

What Are Alumni Groups?

Alumni Groups are a great way for Bloustein Alumni to stay connected and network within a particular region or area of interest.

  • Alumni Affinity Groups are for alumni who are interested in creating a network of alumni working on common issues or in similar industries.
  • Alumni Regional Groups focus on alumni who live and work in particular regions and cities around the world.

How to Start a Group

Criteria to follow when considering the start of a Bloustein School Alumni Group:

  • All Group members must be Bloustein School Alumni.
  • Each Group must have at least 2 co-leaders for purposes of communication and group organization.
  • Group leaders will work with Bloustein School’s Alumni Relations & Development to create a group document stating its purpose, goals, organizational format and other procedures.
  • Contact Hillary Bardwell to discuss options, interests, and availability.

Outreach, Events, Activities

Once an Alumni Group is established outreach can be done through networking or social events, programs, meetings, and professional development.

  • Each Group will hold at least 2 events per year.
  • Alumni Groups will be considered for funding for these events and other activities.
  • When planning an event, group leaders must submit the event a minimum of 2 months before the event date.

Web Presence

Each Group will have a webpage that will be located within the Bloustein School Alumni webpage found at

  • Alumni Group leaders are responsible for sending updates for inclusion on the website, including details for upcoming events.
  • Group Leaders are encouraged to make use of the Listserv provided through Bloustein to send electronic mailings directly to group members.

For more information about Alumni Groups, please contact

Hillary M. Bardwell
(848) 932-2987  

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