Kate Davidoff

Kate Davidoff


Dissertation Topic/Title: The Community Development Industry System in Baltimore, Maryland


Dissertation Advisor: Kathe Newman


Previous Degrees: Masters of Urban and Regional Planning, University of Michigan, 2007; Bachelors of Science, Design and Environmental Analysis, Cornell University, 2005.


Contact Information

E-mail: katedav@eden.rutgers.edu


Research Interest

Community development organizations increasingly operate in an interdependent network that includes local government, financial institutions, foundations, academic institutions and others. My dissertation will explore what this network, or community development industry system, looks like in a globalized, financialized environment. I ask what the community development industry looks like today, the actors who are part of it, who decides and shapes it’s priorities and what the impact is on urban neighborhoods. To understand who the actors are and how the system works, I look empirically at the community development industry system’s response to the foreclosure crisis in Baltimore, Maryland from 2007-2012. To help answer that question, I will explore community development organizations as part of a broader governance network by analyzing who the actors in the industry system are, how they work together, and how it has changed over time


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