Shannon Sweeney

Antonio C Gonzalez-Toro

Dissertation Topic/Title: STEM Program Evaluation/Geosciences Education (very early)


Advisor: Lyna Wiggins PhD


Previous Degrees: MA in Geographic Information Systems, Clark University, 2000; BA in Latin American Studies, University of Puerto Rico, 1993


Contact Information

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Research Interests

I have three preliminary research questions that I would like to pursue from a workforce creation perspective: (1) Does a climate change education emphasis in current science curricula improve the pursuit of Geo Science STEM fields by minorities?, (2) How does the use of Geographic Information Science impact STEM education?, and (3) From a public policy standpoint, is the combination of Geographic Information Science and Climate Change beneficial at a pre-college level to enhance established STEM education goals? In sum, the main question is: Are these programs making a difference? And to whom?


Teaching Experience

Rutgers University


Universidad del Turabo


Universidad Metropolitana


Courses assisted and laboratory taught as TA (Clark University)


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