Brian Stromberg


Dissertation Topic/Title: Movement or Model? Community Land Trusts in Transition


Dissertation Advisor: Kathe Newman


Previous Degrees: Rutgers University, M.A., Geography; University of California at Santa Cruz, B.A., Cultural Anthropology


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Research Interest

My research interests developed from a studio class in Newark during my Master’s program. Witnessing the devastation that housing finance could bring to neighborhoods and communities led me to investigate various models of non-market housing. Community land trusts (CLTs) have established themselves as the leading model, and my research will look at how they have changed since the inception of the movement in the 1960s. Through this research, I will explore the story of community development in the United States, along with the broader political economic context that shapes how cities and communities have changed over the years.


Teaching and TA Experience:

  • Introduction to GIS, Fall 2011


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