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Cathy Wang

Dissertation Topic/Title: Expert and Public Attitudes toward Performance-Based Funding for Higher Education: A Case Study of Rutgers University


Advisor: Dr. Henry Coleman


Previous Degrees:Bachelor of Philosophy, Hebei University; Master of Western Philosophy, Nankai University; Master of Public Policy, Duke University; Graduate Certificate in International Studies, Johns Hopkins University (SAIS)-Nanjing University Center for Chinese and American Studies


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Research Interests

Public budgeting and finance; social policy and health; nonprofits and philanthropy.

Teaching Experience

Lecturer, Research Methods I (undergraduate level, fall semester 2015); Principles of Public Policy (undergraduate level, spring semester 2014); Social Welfare Policy and Services II (graduate level, fall semester 2013)



Cathy Wang came to Rutgers in 2010, and is currently working on her dissertation which seeks to examine the feasibility of adopting performance-based funding for public higher education institutions in New Jersey through the lens of expert as well as public attitudes. This study is driven by the ongoing debate, though largely taking place among policymakers and higher education leaders, about whether New Jersey ought to have performance-based funding for its state colleges and universities.

Wang was a 2012 Eagleton Fellow-Governor's Executive Fellow, and interned with the Office of Management and Budget at the New Jersey Department of the Treasury. Her employment with the Association for Children of New Jersey took her to New Jersey shortly after her graduation from Duke. She first worked as a Budget Policy Analyst and then as a Ford Foundation Fellow. She also served as the Center on Budget and Policy Priorities’ State Fiscal Analysis Initiative coordinator in New Jersey, and is a member of U.S. National Tax Association and a member of the Economic Analysis and Research Network which is administered by the Economic Policy Institute.

Fluent in English and Chinese, Wang has publications in both languages in her research field. The Chinese version of her book on American Poverty and Poverty Alleviation Mechanisms was published by Shanghai People’s Publishing House, and is a bestseller in China.