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Daniel Ticker

Daniel Ticker is a Rutgers University senior. He will be graduating in the spring with majors in American Studies and Planning and Public Policy. After taking a class during the Fall ’10 semester with Roland Anglin, Daniel knew that the field of planning and policy was the route for him. This year Daniel will intern at the Rutgers University Office of Public Affairs under the supervision of Jim Boyd. During Daniel’s tenure at Rutgers, he has been on E-board of the Alpha Chi Rho fraternity, and has taken part in running the 36th Annual New Jersey Folk Festival.  Under the direction of Angus Gillespie and the department of American Studies, undergraduates manage and run the folk festival, which celebrates the varying ethnic life in New Jersey. Daniel also works part time as a waiter at the Royce Brook Golf Club. After graduation Daniel plans to tour Europe, with another graduating student from the United Kingdom. After Europe, Daniel plans to earn his TOEFL and teach English overseas, before coming back to the United States to work towards earning a Master’s Degree in the Planning and Public Policy field.

Sabrina Jenkins

Sabrina Jenkins is a fourth year undergraduate student at Douglass Residential College, Edward J. Bloustein School of Planning and Public Policy, and the School of Arts and Sciences majoring in Public Health and minoring in Psychology. Sabrina is committed to both her academics and the Rutgers Community. She serves as a peer educator and a Sexual Health Advocate, where she holds programs and events both encouraging and educating peers about engaging in safer sex activities. This year she is currently enrolled in the Public Health Preparedness Certificate Program and the Public Health Education Certificate Program.  Sabrina also plans to be a part of the Rutgers Future Scholars Mentoring program in which she will serve as a mentor to students who are in the 8th through 12th grades to support their paths to college. Sabrina is also a very active member in the Douglass Black Students’ Congress. She also continues to display her academic achievements by continuously being recognized on the Dean’s List, as well as holding a membership in the National Society of Collegiate Scholars. Sabrina is also currently employed as a community assistant and she works at the Douglass Campus Center. Taking much pride and value in education, Sabrina plans to join Teach for America for two years upon completion of her undergraduate career here at Rutgers University before receiving a MPH.

Bobak Allie Bobak is a 4th year student majoring in Planning in Public Policy. She is also a Spanish Major. Allie came to Rutgers with the mindset that she would be a Planning and Public Policy major, and she is still just as excited and enthusiastic four years later about this major. The major has enabled her to have multiple amazing internships. Last spring she interned with the NJ Leaders of Tomorrow Presidential Internship Program, working in Newark for an Assemblyman. She also traveled this summer to Australia and interned at a non-profit in Brisbane doing research and investigating policies in the area. Allie traveled to Spain with Rutgers study abroad, which enabled her to become fluent in Spanish. She also is a DJ with 90.3 the Core, one of the two Rutgers radio stations. After graduating, Allie plans to pursue a career in International Affairs.