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New Jersey Ranks 8th in the
Nation as a Bicycle Friendly State


Education and Encouragement: This portion of the BFS questionnaire covers the amount of bicycling education in the state for adults and youth alike, as well as for motorists. A few ways that states can educate drivers on the road about cycling, for example, are Share the Road campaigns and questions concerning cyclists’ rights in state drivers’ exams. States can encourage more and better bicycling by promoting bicycling tourism, producing bike maps and collaborating with state and local advocacy groups, along with education efforts.


NJ ranked 3rd


Evaluation & Planning: This section surveys how bicycling is incorporated into each state’s yearly planning. Questions include how bicycling is included in the highway safety plan, outdoor recreation plan or a bicycle transportation plan. This section also measures results of the state’s crash and bike commuting rates.


NJ ranked 10th


Enforcement:  In this section data is gathered on the types of training law enforcement officers and traffic court judges receive to ensure protection of cyclists’ rights to the road and safe travel on our shared roadways.


NJ ranked 25th

In addition to the annual rankings, states can also apply for recognition through the Bicycle Friendly State Award Program.  The 58 question applications are reviewed and scored by a committee of experts, League staff and local cyclists in the state.  States that meet the criteria receive platinum, gold silver or bronze award status for four years.  We are very excited to have won a Bronze Award, but we will continue to shoot for GOLD!


We want to place a shout out to Montclair who received an Honorable Mention Award for a Bicycle Friendly Community.  We need more communities to apply for this prestigious award.  Congratulations Montclair!!

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