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New Law: Stop and Stay
Stopped for Pedestrians


roadway into which the motorist intends to proceed.


Pam Fischer, Director of the state’s Division of Highway Traffic Safety, acknowledged that increased emphasis on motorists’ deferring to pedestrians rightfully in the crosswalk will involve a change of mindset for many New Jerseyans.  She said “We recognize that we cannot change everyone’s behavior overnight; this will take sustained effort over a long period of time. However, through education and enforcement, we can change the culture and improve safety for all roadway users.” 


At the municipal level, the Division of Highway Traffic Safety will be working closely with law enforcement officials to educate both motorists and pedestrians about the change in law. “We’re asking law enforcement officials, when interacting with motorists and pedestrians, to educate them about the change to the law, as well as their respective duties and responsibilities when walking and driving,” Fischer said.  


To facilitate enforcement of this law, the Division of Highway Traffic Safety, in partnership with the Department of Transportation and the Alan M. Voorhees Transportation Center, offers “Pedestrian Safety Enforcement” (PSE) training and operations, which are designed to train law enforcement personnel in how to conduct objective enforcement of crosswalk laws.    

Structured PSE operations often have a warning phase which is later followed by a citation phase.  Enforcement of the law is critical for both pedestrian safety and building pedestrian confidence, because rules that go unenforced are ignored. These operations offer the opportunity for both education and enforcement and are eligible for DHTS pedestrian safety grant funding.  


To further educate motorists about the new law, the Division has developed an oversized palm card, similar to a traffic ticket, which outlines the law’s changes. The card will be distributed to all police departments in the state and made available to high school driver


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