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is a voluntary partnership of participating employers, the New Jersey Department of Transportation (NJDOT), NJ TRANSIT and the state's TMAs.


NJSW demonstrates that alternatives to drive-alone commuting are economically beneficial to workers, employers and the environment. Eligible employer programs include those that provide either alternative commuting options, such as free or low-cost bus passes, telecommuting programs, carpool matching and vanpool subsidies, or information services such as transit information and traffic alerts. Applicants are evaluated by TMAs according to their ability to meet program criteria. All qualifying companies demonstrate commendable performance in providing commuter benefits. Companies performing at higher levels receive a higher level of recognition.


NJSW helps employers attract and retain employees by reducing commuting costs and stress. Employers participate by offering outstanding commuter benefits such as free or low-cost bus passes, strong telecommuting programs, carpool matching and vanpool subsidies. In 2010, 429 companies were honored. 95 companies received New Jersey Smart Workplaces Platinum certificates, 104 companies received Gold certificates, 106 companies received Silver certificates and 124 companies receive Bronze

certificates. To learn more about the NJSW program, visit


or contact your local TMA.

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