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Welcome to Volume 2, Issue 2 of Transit-Friendly Development, a newsletter designed to keep municipal officials, planners and advocates up-to-date on the potential for development and redevelopment around transit stations. This joint effort between NJ TRANSIT and the Alan M. Voorhees Transportation Center (VTC) at Rutgers University aims to enrich the TOD conversation in New Jersey’s diverse communities by highlighting what is happening in the state and around the country with regards to best practices, model programs, legislation, and resolving problems that affect TOD’s acceptance at the local level.  
November 2006
Volume 2, Number 2

In this issue, we assess the health of TOD housing in light of the current market downturn and look at how form-based codes can more effectively engage a community and produce a better project design. To that end our municipal profile features Dover, New Jersey, a town that has effectively used form-based codes to generate its community-backed redevelopment plan. We hope local leaders and the public will find these articles of value as all of us strive to create livable, sustainable and thriving communities in the 21st Century.

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TOD Housing in a Slowing Market
Jersey City

Experts around the state hold varying opinions about the current housing market, but they all agree that housing near transit may be uniquely situated.

Read about how recently built and anticipated projects near transit may fare.

Form-Based Codes and the TOD Planning Process

Since the beginning, the rules that have governed planning have been spelled out in words. But words are not always the best medium for communicating to the public the effects of planning decisions, nor are they always the best way to capture community preferences for their built environment. Read how the town of Dover used form-based codes to clarify the planning process and make it more accessible to local residents.

Municipal Spotlight: Dover’s Revitalization Moves Forward using Transit-Oriented Development

Nestled along the Rockaway River in Morris County with frequent NJ TRANSIT rail service into Newark and New York City, Dover has declared a desire to redevelop and attract more businesses and housing. And it is using Transit-Oriented Development to achieve its goals.

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