Welcome to Volume 4, Issue 1 of Transit-Friendly Development, a newsletter designed to keep municipal officials, planners and advocates up-to-date on the potential for development and redevelopment around transit stations. This joint effort between NJ TRANSIT and the Bloustein School’s Alan M. Voorhees Transportation Center (VTC) at Rutgers University aims to enrich the transit-oriented development (TOD) conversation in New Jersey’s diverse communities by highlighting what is happening in the state and around the country: best practices, model programs, legislation and local problem-solving experiences.

The theme of this issue is bus transit and TOD. For many, transit-oriented development conjures images of rail stations or light rail service. But fixed guideway transit comes at a hefty price. For many communities, bus transit is the best and most cost-effective way to move their residents around. But are bus transit and transit-friendly development compatible? Maybe not in all locations, however, by adopting some of the best characteristics of rail transit, bus rapid transit (or BRT) has served as the basis of intensive transit-supported development.

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January 2008
Volume 4, Number 1
This Issue's Focus:
A New Face of TOD—Bus Rapid Transit

Evidence is beginning to emerge that BRT investments can serve as anchors for transit-oriented development provided that two hurdles can be overcome—the issues of impermanence and incremental implementation. Boston, Los Angeles and Cleveland show what can be accomplished when planners consider BRT and TOD together.

Special Feature:
A Housing Market Perspective of TOD

At the 2007 NJ State League of Municipalities Conference, held in November, Jeffrey Otteau, president of the Otteau Valuation Group, Inc., offered his perspective of the New Jersey housing market, drawing particular attention to housing in transit-friendly locations. He believes that with the deep slump in New Jersey’s housing market, one bright spot remains—locations that are transit-rich.

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