Research News


Winter 2010-11
Volume 6, Number 2

VTC to Begin New Project: Measuring Benefits of TOD

In the new year, the Alan M. Voorhees Transportation Center (VTC) will begin research measuring the myriad benefits achieved when communities support and build transit-oriented development. The two-year project will examine the effects of TOD in New Jersey and measure the travel, health, environmental and economic benefits accrued by individuals and families living in TODs as well as those gained by the communities that have undertaken transit-supportive planning efforts. In recent years, research on physical and mental health benefits of those using transit has been growing, though little work looking specifically at our state has been done thus far. Further, there have been recent efforts to incorporate transportation costs into analyses of housing affordability in order to get a truer picture of costs to households. VTC’s new project will examine the impact of these and other benefits on communities here in New Jersey. We look forward to sharing that research with you in the future.


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